P.A.V.E. Film Initiative

Created in 2012, this site is a perfect example how a school can use more than just tax dollars to fund creative learning.

A Colorful View Of  Education

With modern technology, we live in the age of a 24-hour classroom.  Teaching no longer stops when the students leave the room.  In fact, with a web presence a teacher can prepare ahead, using the internet to allow a student to continue learning and creating at his or her own pace.

For example, online templates are a great tool for all students.  From postcards to newspapers, letters to interviews, some students need a place to begin.  For most teachers, the content is the lesson.  For students, however, the format can become a challenging and time-consuming task.  By giving the students a starting point, a teacher can refocus a student’s attention, even when they are not together in the classroom.  The web is a great place for teachers to build online databases for student templates.

 Like that idea?  I would love to sure all the different ideas I have to revolutionize both your online and in-class experience.

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Created in 2008, this sample version of the existing site is a perfect example how a teacher can revolutionize a students learning experience.

Templates on NRED.ORG

Students don’t have to start from scratch.  Sometimes, simple templates can be provided to help a student focus on learning, while using a template to expand his/her understanding of presentation.